Bearings are measured from North. We measure them in a clockwise direction.

We write bearings as a three digit number. A bearing of due North would be 000 whereas a bearing of due South would be 180. A bearing of West would be 270 whereas a bearing of East would be written as 090. Note that the zero is ahead of the 90 degrees that we would measure on a map to head East.

Like angles, bearings are measured in degrees, minutes and seconds. You need to be accurate with these or you will end up in completely the wrong place.

Basic Bearings Questions

A few questions looking at basic bearings.


A single question on bearings looking at back bearings

Can you find from where you have come so that you can return there? This question is looking at back bearings.



GCSE Type Questions on Bearings

Several GCSE type questions about bearings. Good practice for examinations.

Bearings using a protractor and a ruler

You will need a sharp pencil, a protractor and a ruler for this lesson. Use these instruments to draw and measure bearings accurately.