Three Dimensional Shapes

Three dimensional shapes involve questions on volume and surface area but are often mixed in with questions on bounds and algebra as well.

Often, these type of questions tend to be towards the end of the exam as they invlove amalgamating knowledge from different aspects of the curriculum.

They are challenging and fun to answer though.

How to calculate the edges, surface area and volume of a Cuboid

This booklet was written to help one of the children in my class with the homework I had set them. I tried to write it in a way that an 11 year old could understand it. He was able to complete the homework which was similar to the cuboid investigations on these pages.

Find the Surface Area and Volume of Cuboids

Begin with calculating the volume and surface area of a cuboid. Move from numerical form to algebraic expressions. Find the lengths of sides. A good way of practising expanding two binomials and then three binomials.

Find the Surface Area and Volume of Cuboids

A PowerPoint presentation providing an introduction to finding the surface area and volume of a triangular prism.

Volume of a Pyramid

Calculate the area of the base of the pyramid and then calculate the volume using the formula shown.

Find the diagonal of a prism

Find the diagonal of a prism using quadratic equations. An example given and then some work to have a go at yourself.

Orthographic and Isometric Elevations

Transfer information from an orthographic elevation to an isometric one and then do some work on algebraic expressions.