Line Segments and Midpoints

Lines go on for ever. A line segment is what we normally draw on a piece of paper and it has two end points.

Line segments have a midpoint and various other points can be calculated along their length using ratio and mean averages.

When drawing line segments, it is important that you apply the pressure to the ruler as this is the thing that is likely to slip and spoil your diagram.

Lines and Midpoints

A pdf file of lines and midpoints


Vocabulary and Reflective Symmetry

Look at the meaning of perpendicular and parallel lines and then mark on lines of eflective symmetry to various polygons.

Angles and Parallel Lines

Looking at angles and parallel lines and how to determine the size of an angle. Uses a link from geogebra to investigate this as well.

Labelling Vertices and Lines

Look at labelling vertices and lines to help children to gain an understanding of how angles are labelled in diagrams.







Video of how to find the midpoint

A video showing how to find the midpoint of a line.

Midpoint and endpoint of a line

A video showing how to find the midpoint and endpoint of a line.

Midpoints Worksheet

Worksheet on finding the midpoint of a line.



Parallel Lines and Angles

Worksheet on how to find the angles from parallel lines.





Construction information

A sheet showing the rules about angles and how we can calculate them from the rules we need to learn.


Video about parallel lines

How to find the size of angles and the rules around this subject.

Angles and Lines Booklet

Looking at different types of relationship between lines, angles and shapes.



Calculate midpoints of lines.




Perpendicular Lines

Identify perpendicular lines.

Place Value Machine

Place value machine to help with converting metric units

Revision and Angles about a point

Revision for GCSE and look at angles about a point.