Welcome to our website

Welcome to our newly vamped website. We have re-organised the website to make it easier to use.

You should notice the navigation bar at the top of the page. We have split this into the main areas of GCSE mathematics. Hopefully, you will find it much easier to find videos and interactive assets to help you to learn mathematics more efficiently.

To those children whom I teach, there is a special dropdown menu specifically for you. Please use it.


A booklet of resources to help those students who might be finding number sense a difficult concept or those with dyscalculia.

We have a whole host of worksheets to help you to learn about GCSE Mathematics. In addition to this, there are many worksheets that are suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3 as well as some more challenging ones for those of you have chosen to take maths to the next level. To locate these worksheets, look on the specific subject in the navigation bar above and you should be able locate something suitable.

These files are generally saved in pdf format. You can download the reader from the adobe website located here.


A video of how to work out calculations involving bounds and error intervals.

We have put together a whole host of videos to help you to learn about different aspects of GCSE Mathematics. These are clear and concise and often involve places for you to stop the video and answer some questions and then continue to watch it whilst we go through the answers explaining the method.

Many of these videos are quite large in size so we would advise that you use them when you are connected to a network such as your wireless network at home. If you have an amazing mobile data plan, you might be ok though but you have been warned.

Interactive Media

Interactive arithmetic quiz to help children to improve their arithmetic fluency.  Includes questions on all four number operations and squares.  The questions change each time you take the test so every attempt is different.

We have some interactive media which sometimes is as simple as loading up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or might be using some HTML5 and JavaScript goodies. There are a couple of these types of file that use applets. These provide feedback to users on things such as quizzes in order to help them to practise their knowledge. In mathematics, practice is the key to success. We use these assets to try and make that practice as much fun as we can.


A PowerPoint presentation to use when learning about balancing equations.

PowerPoint presentations are also included for many of the subject areas. These to the point presentations without the spinning and other distracting animations are designed to pass on the pertinent information.