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Achildsguideto.com has reached its twentieth year. It is set up to help the children in my class achieve their potential. If you choose to use the site, you should know that all materials are provided in good faith on an "as seen" basis. It is for you to determine whether or not they are suitable for the children in your class.

In order to access many parts of this site, you will need Flash Player 8 or later. You can get that from here.

Much of the Maths section of this website involves the use of Excel. There is a free Excel Viewer available here. Alternatively, there is a program called Open Office which is free. You can download it from here. We do not offer any guarentees in respect to viruses etc.

If you are a teacher and use this website, please check the activities first as they may not follow your school policy on how to do particular things. There are links on some of these pages to websites that I have found useful when teaching my class. I cannot be responsible for the content of these sites. They were great when I added the links.

Teachers may find this page useful. Staff who work with Year 7 at my school will need to click here to collect their weekly homework.

For those children in my class who like Minecraft, if you click here, you will find the Great Britain download.