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Information and Communication Technology

In the time that this website has been online, educational technology has evolved substantially. It is important that you keep yourself safe. For information about keeping safe online, click here.

ICT is about using technology to find things out, alter information and present it. Once you have figured that out, you have this subject sussed really. Just to help you along the way, we have put together a series of tutorials aimed at helping you to identify some of the features of Microsoft Office.

You need Flash 7 Player or later, which you can get from here. It is free and allows you to access some great stuff from the Internet.

Once you have got Flash Player, connect some speakers to your system and click here to find out about Spreadsheets.

We have also added some lessons on web design using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. You can find those by clicking here.

For example of using Maths with ICT, click here.

Using ICT to do some work on changes? There are hints on how you may go about it here.

There are lots of hints about using PowerPoint 2003 here.