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Rule One

Direct speech is surrounded by inverted commas (or speech marks or 66s and 99s).

eg "Can you tell me the way to the supermarket please?" asked the old man.


Rule Two

The first letter in direct speech is always a capital letter.

eg. "We've won the lottery!!" cried the exstatic teachers.

The man asked, "Can you tell me the time please?"


Rule Three

The inverted comma always comes after the punctuation at the end of conversation.

e.g. The boy said, "I am late for school. I will be in trouble."

"What would you like for Christmas?" asked Santa Claus.

"I can't play out today," said Darren.


Rule Four

If someone else starts to speak, start a new paragraph.

"Hi John. How are you today?" asked Imran.

"I am fine thanks," replied John. "What are you doing this afternoon?"

"I am thinking of watching Yorkshire play at Headingley. Do you want to come?" said Imran.

"Yes. That would be good," agreed John. "Who are they playing?"

"They are playing Worcester. We are bound to win," said Imran.