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The Romans

Gauis Julius Caesar was born on 13th July 100 BC. He was killed by a group of Roman senators on 15th March 44BC. He lived most of his life as a soldier or a politician. As a soldier, he was generally thought to be a successful military commander and the invader of Gaul.

When he was growing up, there was a civil war in Rome between the people who wanted those people who had always been in charge to remain that way and the people who wanted everyone to have a vote. Caesar's uncle won. Caesar's father died while he was putting his shoes on one morning. Caesar was 16 and suddenly became head of the family.

Caesar became High Priest to Jupiter (the King of the Roman gods). He was eventually appointed to the Senate (the Roman Parliament) and eventually declared himself to be the dictator of Rome.

He tried to invade Britain in 55 BC. He failed.

He was murdered by his friend, Brutus and several other senators on 15th March 44 BC, 11 years after trying to invade Britain. His last years were spent fighting the army of Pompeii in a brutal civil war.