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Assessing Pupil Progress at Level 8
Criteria Introduction Practice Assessment Back-up Action
Use Mathematics as an integral part of classroom activities (Problem Solving)        
Represent their work with objects or pictures (Communicating)        
Discuss their work with support (Communicating)        
Draw simple conclusions from their work (Reasoning)        
Recognise and use a simple pattern or relationship (Reasoning)        
Count up to 10 objects (Numbers and the Number System)        
Order Numbers to 10 (Numbers and the Number System)        
Begin to use the fraction, one-half (Fractions)        
Understand addition as finding the total of two or more sets of objects (Operations and the relationships between them)        
Understand subtraction as taking away objects from a set and finding how many are left (Operations and the relationships between them)        
Add and subtract numbers of objects to 10 (Mental Methods)        
Begin to know some addition facts (Mental Methods)        
Solve addition and subtraction problems involving up to 10 objects (Solving Numerical Problems)        
Record their work (Written Methods)        

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