The giving of the quest

King Imran decided to follow his trusted advisor's advice.

He summoned the Captain of the Guard. Captain Denis came before the King and bowed. The Captain had a chain mail suit that fitted him like a set of long johns. Over this, he wore a green, woollen tunic with a gold leafed dragon embroidered onto the front.

"How can I be of service, Sire?" asked Denis.

"I need to free the Princess Sidra and her courtiers from the clutches of Wesley the Dragon. I am issuing orders for you to make your way to the Enchantered Castle and slay the dragon before you free my daughter. Do you understand?"

Denis's heart dropped slightly. He understood that slaying a dragon was no easy feat. They breathed fire and some of them could fly. Even if you caught them while they were dozing, getting enough force to thrust a sword through their iron like scales would prove a difficult task.

"Of course, Your Majesty. I will prepare the guard straight away." With that, Denis saluted, turned about and started to march down to the guard house.

"Wait. You have been a loyal soldier, Captain. If you can do this task for me, I will give you and your men 10,000 florins of gold."

"Aye Sire," replied the Captain. "I had better make ready."

The Captain of the Guard walked from the Main Hall and down a winding staircase, lit only by the occasional burning torch. As he walked down the stairs, he thought about how he was to tell his men about the mission.

Denis entered the Guardroom and called for silence.

"Now men... I have some news..."

Should Denis tell the guards about the dragon or just about the gold?