The dilemma

King Imran sat for days. He could not work out how to solve his problem - a dragon that simply refused to allow his daughter and her courtiers to leave the castle.

Imran called his advisors. "What shall I do? I need to help the princess escape from the clutches of this dragon, Wesley."

King Imran's Chief Advisor, a wise and elderly man called Mansoor suggested, "Why don't you raise an army and send them to slay the dragon?"

A younger advisor called Aleena, who was present at the meeting coughed.

"Are you OK?" asked King Imran.

"Yes Your Majesty," said Aleena. "You mustn't send in your army."

"So what should I do?" asked the King, eager for all the ideas he could get.

"You need to sneak into the castle and then sneak out again, with Princess Sidra and her courtiers."

"Yes... but who is foolish enough to attempt such a task?" asked the King.

"I do not know anyone foolish enough to do it," replied Aleena. "However, I do have a friend who I think is brave enough."

The King thought. Should he follow the advice of Mansoor, his wise and elderly advisor? Or, alternatively, should he follow the advice of Aleena?