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This page is going to gradually build up over the next few months. The website writers do not take any responsibility for errors of judgement made from using this page. As a class teacher or subject teacher, it is your responsibility to make judgements about the children you teach in respect to their APP. It is suggested that you look at the guidance on the government website which can be found here. The QCA also issue guidance on their website which can be found here. The National Curriculum website regarding A.P.P. can be found here.

If I find anything out about Assessing Pupil Progress, I will put it up on this page. As you can imagine, this is a massive project for me considering I am teaching full time as well, so please be patient. Things will start to appear soon.

This may be a useful spreadsheet for class teachers to use. I find it helps with my differentiation in my planning as all the info is right in front of me. It is provided as is and no guarentees as to its accuracy are given.

APP spreadsheet for use by class teachers to help them to track their class.

APP Spreadsheet Levels 1 to 5 Maths.

This website is accessible freely and is written in good faith. As such, although I take great care not to make errors, the site materials are used as seen and are not guarenteed to be perfect in any way, shape or form. Having said this, I find the site useful and the children in my class seem to enjoy using it. Hopefully you and yours will as well.